Short trip to plant more cucumbers 🥒

So, tonight I made a short trip to the allotment to drop off and plant the cucumber seedlings I bought in the garden centre this morning. One has gone in at home and the remaining five are planted at the plot.

Home seedling for cucumber

At the allotment this evening there were two other people, my neighbour of course (she’s always very diligent) and somebody else across the other side.

I added the five cucumber plants and cleared up the ground a little with my rake, then it was time to meet Elvis the garden cat for a while. She’s was mewing for food and attention. I’m afraid it was only attention this evening because I had not brought anything with me again.

The plot is looking well and good, so I didn’t spend long. Mostly I have been able to do work in the garden at home today. It’s probably the most neglected now and so because I’ve got time, that’s good for the jobs at home that have been piling up.

Five lettuce 🥬 plants and a kale

In the back garden at home I’ve got a couple of large planters with lettuce and kale in them. One black kale in the middle and five butterhead lettuces around the edge.

Lettuce and kale against the fence

They are placed against the fence and do not get direct sunlight at all, but are easily the best lettuce and kale plants I’ve grown so far.

It’s going to be mostly guinea-pig 🐹 food I think, they always get the best stuff done they …

Time to pick my first lettuce

It’s time. Time to pick my first lettuce produce of the year. They have grown quite large in the last few weeks and I think they should start to be harvested before the snails start to munch them.

This was a fairly small lettuce. But it looks great! Better than anything you would get in the shops! Certainly! And cheaper!

So!? What I hear you ask, what are you going to make from this? A nice salad? Perhaps the leaves could go in a sandwich? BLT? Sounds great!


This is what my prize lettuce is going on.

Guinea pig food.

There was a lot of noise and squeezing when the piggies 🐹 saw it coming. It’s gone to a good home.

Piggy lawnmowers

Thanks to the guinea pigs, the new back garden lawn is getting its second cut. No shirking in the sun, now! Oi! Get back to work! You’ve got a lot of eating to do piggies.

Although they loved the weather and being outside, they did a fairly good job but are really too slow and don’t quite live up to my expectations. When they are inside, we use them as a dustbin replacement for food scraps and I was hoping that when they went outside I could replace the lawnmower and sit with my feet up.

But they like to laze around in the long grass far more than I’d like them to. And I have a problem with their workmanship: eating the grass in clumps rather than trimming it evenly. On the plus side they have been quite good with the manuring.

Grass, gravel and planting area …

It’s taken a long time to get here, but the back yard is looking much better now the turf is down and the gravel border is finished down one side. I also added a small planting area for any climbing flowers or maybe some sunflowers … In the future …

The turf went down several weeks ago now and it’s looking really great. There are a few small areas down the sides that need some attention but on the whole it’s perfect.

The remainder of the top soil we used for the turfed area was used in the planting section, so nothing had gone to waste and it looks as though we planned the whole thing. And the border is looking great and will be even better once the plants have been potted up and dotted around the edges.

Our cat especially liked the grassed area. Lounging around in the sunny corner over the bank holiday weekend and leaving large sprawling cat sized dents in the grass.

There is still a lot to be done in the back. This is probably only half completed so far.