Celery plants have gone in! That’s a new one

I’ve not grown celery before!

Early Saturday morning, the 5th of June 2021 I arrived at around 7am … down at the allotment the sun is out and the sky is blue, it’s going to be a scorching hot day so I thought I would get an early start.

The tayberry row is buzzing loudly with the bees

Weeding needed to be done especially around the beetroot. Clearing up other areas which had become weedy also needed some attention. But best of all I had to plant some celery. This is a new one for me! I’ve put them next to the carrots, I’ve done a full line.

The time is around about 9:45 in the morning now and I’m back in the car with the plan to go and buy some more plants from the garden centre (which should be open by now).

I’m after lavender plants. I intend to put a row at the end of my plot next to the grass, to encourage more the bees. Also I want another row next to the celery and some more onions so there’s three things I need to get this morning before heading the way home.

I’ll collect all of the plants take them back home and then over the next couple of days (possibly this evening) I will make an effort to plant them all.