The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lettuce are doing well. Tayberries are doing even better.

It’s Saturday, the 26th of June 2021 and 7:30 at night, I’ve just come out of the allotment and there was nobody there, not a soul. Except for The Scourge pecking around plots. Not even Elvis tonight.

It’s been a lovely day today but I’ve not done any work on the plot. I came down this evening just for a look around. Just to make sure everything was going okay. It pretty much does.
I spent maybe five minutes picking out some weeds from between the lettuce but that’s all.

Lettuce 🥬, plot 25 and The Scourge

The tayberries are doing very well. They have really come on in the past few days, and started to ripen all over the trellis. Too many to count now, compare to previously where I could only count one! That one has gone now! I’ve eaten it.

The next time I come down to the allotment I will need to bring a small container or tub because they will need to get picked. If I leave them too long they’ll fall off or get munched. And if I time it just right next time I will have enough for a crumble desert!

Lettuce leaves are doing well. They’ve really started to grow. I picked out some of a small bind weed that started to grow in between, and now it’s a lot clearer. No sign of those leaves getting munched either! Looks as though the snails haven’t found them yet.

That was it really for the evening. There are plenty of weeds. They are starting to grow all over my plot although only cress at the moment. Plot number 25, the one I cleared last year (which was then handed over) has really grown weeds! Some of them are head height and the poppyseeds are starting to get ready to drop. That’s going to have to change hands as soon … the letters have been sent, I’ve heard. It’s a plot that is starting to spread weeds everywhere else.

That’s it for the evening, nothing left to do but to close the gate and go home. I spend the last 30 seconds chasing The Scourge, but it just runs away in between the sunflowers. I give up and close the gate behind me.

The Scourge of the walled allotment garden

A quick 45 minute watering trip to the allotment on Saturday, the 12th of June 2021. Probably the warmest day of the year I would guess, so it was really only a short trip to give the ground a good soaking.

There was nobody else in the allotments when we got there (I had a helper today!), although it was getting fairly late. Perhaps there had been many people down earlier in the day while the weather was fantastic.

I dropped off two bottles of mothers ruin in two discrete places so that other allotment holders would find them. Then the watering began! Everything good soaking through because tomorrow is going to be even hotter.

But. There was a noise. From further down in the allotments. Like a squawking kind of noise. And then it appeared running quickly and low, zig-zagging between the vegetables.

The Scourge

This was the culprit! This was the animal that had eaten all of my kohlrabi I had planted about a week earlier! This is the animal that had been decimating the walled garden allotment vegetable patches for the past few weeks. But there was no catching it! It was far too quick and it could see you coming.

As I crept up towards it, it stopped what it was doing and looked right at me. Pausing for effect. And then it ran! In between the veggies and between bamboo canes, across other people’s plots.

One time I did get quite close, but it just flew over a couple of lines of potatoes, and then landed a little further away. There will be no catching it by hand!

Helmeted Guineafowl