Grass snake?

Tonight’s visit (Tuesday 30th April 2019) was possible because I left work early. It had been a really nice day again. Not super sunny, but quite warm. I had a couple of hours before I needed to leave and pick up the little one from cubs. So I started the work.

As I turned over the black sheeting, there it was underneath, warming itself in the last heat of the day — a small grass snake. Probably around 18 inches long and very much in good health.

I’m pretty certain it’s a grass snake. The first picture on Google is almost identical to the photo I took.

I managed to call over my neighbour on the adjacent plot and to snap one or two photos before the little snake slithered away under the rhubarb plant. No doubt I disturbed it. Although I am thinking it was lucky I didn’t squash it as I stomped around on the sheeting getting ready to do some digging.

I will need to be careful in future. No stomping about and definitely no netting (the last snake on the plot got caught in some nylon nets that one of the plot holders was using to keep the birds off their plants).