Last trip and drop off

Just in time for Christmas I had received a Christmas card from the allotment committee. Along with an invoice for next year. I’ve not decided yet. It’s boxing day today, and I’ll decide in the New Year.

Tonight, it was dark and foggy on the way to the allotment. I had driven with my fog lights on most of the way, but it was patchy. The mist and fog had descended across all of the fields and the main house wasn’t visible from the path into the Abbey Gardens allotments.

Committee Xmas card

Strangely, inside the walled garden it was quite clear and you could see the stars above. Very clearly! Milky Way was easily visible, and there was a planet on the horizon…

I left the last of the gin and vodka bottles in the allotment shed. All wrapped up in Christmas paper. A bit of a Father Christmas drop. I hid a couple of bottles for Julie near her seating area. Then I had a quick look round.

My plot. My old plot was looking very neat. Someone had taken it on and had kept it neat. The rest of the allotments looked in good shape as well.

Elvis was nowhere to be seen but I didn’t have any tests at hand anyway. Hopefully the garden cat was somewhere warm. I turned on my torch to maximum brightness and let myself out of the allotment and drove home.

Cucumbers 🥒 are growing nicely

It’s Friday 24th July 2020. I finished work, was down to the allotment by 2pm and spent three glorious sunny hours clearing the weeds from around the cucumbers and lettuce and generally tidying up around the potatoes.

Climbing cucumbers

The allotment is looking really much better than it has done in a very long time. The plot against the wall is clear, the path is growing nicely and my main plot is clear of weeds.

There is very little work to do! Which is just perfect.

The stones I filtered out of the soil recently have been bagged up and stored at the end of my main plot. I’ve decided I will keep them on my main plot, but for now I will just store then in bags until the rhubarb and horse radish die back. Then I plan to do something with that area. I’ve noticed those plants grow so large on that area that nothing else gets much of a look in.

Main plot looking very clear and neat

The weather this afternoon is superb! The temperature is not too high either which means it’s not getting too hot. I manage to clear some minor surface weeds from around the edges and then I wander over to see the chairman who is weeding his plot.

I want to ask about the main communal compost heap near the old boiler house garden shed. I think it’s getting too large and now that I’ve finished the long plot there’s probably a chance to create a new compost heap on this cleared area. But before I can say anything, the chairman mentions the same.

So, there might be a slight possibility of some new compost heaps in the allotment garden. This will probably get discussed soon, but the compost heap near the wall is getting too large and might damage the wall if it’s allowed to continue. So it should probably be discussed soon.

Food Bank donations

What a good idea! All the food that I usually grow and goes to waste or possible overspills for the main entrance staff can now go to the food bank!

Plot holders message board. Food bank. Please place any donations in plastic containers inside the shed. Thanks.

Thanks for donations.

The food bank were very pleased to receive the veg and asked me to thank everyone – so – thanks!

Was it doesn’t say was that there was a request: please don’t send any more marrows!

A small meeting at the allotment

Tonight is Thursday, the 25th of April 2019, and unfortunately the weather is fine. There is blue sky, the Sun is just going down but it is still warm, and because of this the subcommittee meeting is held outside at the Allotment and not in the pub. What a shame.

We had the meeting under the shelter just outside the gate to the walled allotment garden.

The meeting took about an hour and a half to complete. There was plenty of conversation and many topics were covered. Things like the use of pesticides (which everybody thought was a bad idea), the possibility of having a communal plot, maybe having some sort of plant sharing scheme. There was a request for a new tap to be put into the allotment, somewhere in the middle or at least having them spread around the allotment garden more evenly than they currently are. And probably the best discussion, was a social side to the allotment association. Something which used to exist in the past but which has disappeared now.

Lots of things wree discussed, and many things are going to be passed on to the main committee. We are only a subcommittee, and can’t really decide anything. But it was very productive nonetheless.

It was a disappointment however that we couldn’t do it in the pub. Maybe next time they will pick a day when it’s raining.

My neighbour’s colourful tulip plot

Out of the four sides to my allotment, this part is the best, and out of all of the allotment plots, this one is by far the most advanced and colourful!

It amounts to one eighth of the perimeter to my allotment. This small plot is how it should be done.

While we were there today several things happened. Nothing to do with my allotment though. Not yet. I’m still getting the seedlings ready.

First, Elvis was around. She was sitting on a plot at the far side of the garden and ran to meet us when we arrived. She was fed a whole sachet of cat food.

Second, a large helicopter flew in and landed nearby (it looked like the royal helicopter again). I’ve seen it fly around here before and as it came into land it circled the main house and flew over the walled garden.

Third, there’s another allotment meeting at the end of this month … Something else for the calendar. Continued management of the walled garden allotment by the new sub-committee.

After our short ‘observation’ visit of the allotment we returned into the village and took the little one to the play area. It was a warm day and we ended it by sitting on the park bench eating ice-cream. It wasn’t such a difficult day.