The plot is on the way to getting cleared

So on Sunday, I spent some more time down at the plot doing some more clearing. Mainly it was the sunflower stems that had been waiting to get taken to the tip.

In fact it was the sunflower day. The stems from home were also collected. By the end of my clearance, I had cut up enough to fill three buckets worth of tough sunflower stems.

Slowly but surely the plot it’s beginning to look a little bit tidier. Although the picture here doesn’t seem to show much progress, a little bit was done on Sunday. It’s a slow process. A little bit here, and a little bit there. Not much fun pulling up the weeds as usual, but it needs to be done.

The next time the weekend allows for some clear weather, and I get sometime, a little bit more should be done.

Sunflowers fallen over in the wind

The sunflowers are finally down. The high winds over the weekend knocked down all of my sunflowers. The ones in the garden, and the ones at the allotment all got it.

But the advantage of some flowers on the floor means they are easy to pick up and put into a vase. The ones from home I brought inside, and the ones at the allotment were given to the staff in the office. A nice thing for them on the Sunday afternoon just before they went home.

Watering visit

Today is Thursday the 27th. The time is 8:30 in the evening. I have just finished a long one hour session at the allotment where I took my time, dawdled around, watered the allotment, and generally wasted time. It was awesome!

Everything is doing fine without me. Even the weeds. But the plants are doing great.

The beetroot are really coming along and growing really well. The potatoes are doing fantastically. They are beginning to flower. The tayberry plant is beginning to bud. As usual, the rhubarb and the horseradish have taken over.

On the second half of the plot probably the best in class is the state of the sweetcorn. They are incredible.

Out of everything that is growing right now sweetcorn are doing the best. Over the past few weeks they have really shot-up and thickened out.

I expect them to do very well by the end of the year.

Finally, my new border containing my organic lettuce is working a treat. There are no slugs inside the border. And I have not used any slug pellets. The cucumber plants I’ve started as well. Everything is going swimmingly.

Goodbye snails

These small snail carcasses were found at the feet of my sunflower seedlings. The little blighters. No wonder my sunflower seedlings were getting munched up. I’ve been feeding the local snail families for the past few weeks.

But the slug pellets have done the trick. Well, partly. Some of the sunflower seedlings still had bite marks out of them and a couple had been completely eaten … but I’m quite glad the rest had survived. I think the slug pellets have done their magic correctly.

Slugs you’re gonna get it

Slugs, you are going to get it now. Discussions on the use of slug pellets has resulted in a request for plot holders to use slug pellets that are animal friendly. How friendly do you think they will be to slugs?

I’ve surrounded the lettuce with a wall of pellets. They are not going to eat my lettuce like they did to the sunflowers.

This evening, I didn’t really see very many slugs, but I know that is what having all of my sunflowers. It’s not gonna happen again

Superb evening for planting sunflowers

Okay. So the first tranche of sunflowers have made it to the plot. Autumn Beauty. Spaced around 1m apart (probably not enough) against the wall on the long allotment plot.

This year will be the year of the sunflower. At least on the long plot. But actually, I can’t really think of anything better for that long area.

It’s such a long area and it doesn’t really get a lot of sun, being a Northish facing wall. I spent a long time tonight digging the soil and raking it flat so I could plant these sunflower seedlings.

I expect this will pay off in the end. And with all my other sunflower seedlings still waiting at home I think this whole plot will look great in the end.

Plenty of sunflowers

I’ve got plenty of sunflowers to go down to the allotment. Here are a few that I plant to take and plant at the plot. There are around 15 Autumn Beauty in this tray .. all grown from seeds, germinated on the windowsill in the kitchen and then potted on outside in the garden.

If I don’t get them down to the plot soon, I think they will get too big for their paper pots and I’ll have wasted them. Probably I have another 15 or so sunflowers in another tray. Let’s face it, I’ve overdone it on the sunflowers this year.

Potting on the Autumn Beauty sunflowers

This weekend there has been some time to pot on the sunflowers I have grown from seed. Well, at least some of them. There are quite a few sunflowers I have grown in these little pots and nearly all of them have turned out well. I will need to buy several more of the larger pots in order to accommodate the seedlings into a pot each.

The picture shows how the roots from the sunflowers have grown through the paper pot itself. It was quite a delicate process to separate up to three sunflower seedlings from each smaller pot and transplant then into a new larger pot each.

The roots were not just tangled but had also pushed through the paper in places. This meant a lot of care had to be taken when pulling the seedlings out. In future, next year, I will ensure I put one seed in each pot just to make life easier for myself.

I intend to put these plants into the long (spare) plot at the allotment … against the wall. Each plant should be quite large in size eventually so there should be plenty for that long area.

Scorchio! Easter weekend!!

What a weekend. The weather is absolutely incredible this weekend. Good Friday, Easter weekend, and bank holiday Monday! All perfect weather, complete sunshine! I feel guilty, because instead of spending time down the allotment, probably I will end up doing day trips to the beach with the family instead.

That’s not a bag thing. Spending time with the family at the beach. But I should spend time planting as well.

This morning I did manage to check the seedlings in the back garden. And water the new lawn to make sure the turf is taking properly. The seedlings are all doing really well. The sunflowers are really coming on and are mostly 5cm tall already. The lettuce which I am growing mainly for the guinea pigs is doing really really well, and needs to be transplanted into the next set of pots already! And the huge number of beetroot plants are ready to go to the allotment along with the French beans (I need to remember to bring the bamboo poles). In the boot of my car is also three sacks of potatoes, various varieties, also sprouting and ready to be planted.

So, I really should make some time and use of the weather to make certain I have planted all of my potatoes and seedlings in the first half of the plot before the weekend is out.

At least, I should make it down to ensure Elvis is ok and do some watering.

[Later this evening, extra edit]

So, I did make it down to the allotment just before the sunset this evening. The time is about a 7:45 pm, and I managed about 45 minutes. I fed Elvis, I did the borders, filled in the turf, watered some of the plants. Then it went dark.

The borders are looking a lot better now. I have nearly finished half of the plot. All that remains is to raise the path on one side of the plot so it becomes easier to mow. Then half off the plot will be finished.

Just before I left the moon rose above the horizon. It was low, and bright pink. As I walked out of the gardens past the main house and the skirting the horizon. According to the astronomical almanac, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about this evening’s moon listed. However it looks very impressive.

Autumn Beauty seedlings!

They are out! Already! And I only planted them last week.

They have been sat on the windowsill in the kitchen all week, and it has been lovely and sunny and warm. The sun flowers have done excellently and I think each pot has produced two seedlings. More or less.

Today, I planted more. I split out the remainder of the beetroot into separate pots. Then I planted more lettuce. Also I’ve planted more sunflowers, autumn beauty, and a red variety (that I don’t remember the name of).

There was a small disaster with the French beans however. The propagator that I used did not have any holes in the bottom, and the lid leaked while it was outside. That meant the seedlings had been drenched for several days in standing water. And they are now half dead. However I have noticed that there are some new shoots growing on the seedlings today during my rescue attempt, so maybe all is not lost. I hope not. We will see.

I intend to plant as many things at the allotment as fast as possible. Before things get too big in the pots.

Last night we did a special trip to find and feed Elvis, however the cat was nowhere to be seen. Today we didn’t have time, so tomorrow we must go again.

The seedlings are started

Some of the seedlings were bought from the garden center over this weekend. Some were bought as seeds and are still waiting to germinate. But at least I’ve made a start now.

The lettuce, beetroot and French beans were all bought on Saturday afternoon. The sweetcorn and the Autumn Beauty (not seen here) have been started as seeds.

Lettuce for the Guinea pigs the rest are intended for us.